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My current research interest include:

Research projects I have participated in:

Data Usage Monitoring and Enforcement

Usage Control in Ubiquitos Communication

Distributed Usage Control Enforcement

Managing Assurance, Security and Trust for Services (MASTER)

Wireless Sensor Networks - a 6lowpan implementation for TinyOS 2.0

The topic of my MSc Thesis was a 6lowpan implementation for TinyOS 2.0. 6lowpan is an adaptation layer for transferring IPv6 packets over 802.15.4 links. The TelosB and MicaZ motes have been used. The thesis was supervised by Jürgen Schönwälder.

Magic Tunnel Daemon (mtund)

I have been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2007 and worked on the Super Tunnel Daemon for FreeBSD. The project was be mentored by Max Laier and Brooks Davis. A code snapshot is available. More information and status updates can be found on the project wiki page.

EuroBsdCon 2007 poster for Magic Tunnel Daemon (mtund)

Policy Conflict Detection for Cfengine

As a semester project for the Computational Semantics of Natural Language Processing course I have looked into policy conflict detection for cfengine. The general idea is: More details are in the project report and an implementation is also available.

Analysis and Anonymization of SNMP traces

More on analysis of SNMP traffic traces can be found in following documents The implementation is available as the snmpdump software package, mostly as perl scripts in the scripts directory.

Prefix- and lexicographical-order-preserving IP address anonymization

To facilitate anonymization of SNMP traces, a prefix- and lexicographical-order-preserving IP address anonymization scheme has been devepoled as my BSc Thesis (called Guided Research at IUB). More information can be found in the NOMS 2006 paper and slides. The BSc Thesis (Guided Research report) can be of interest as well. The anonymization scheme has been implemented as a C-libraby libanon. Anonymization functions for other data types have been added and the library has been integrated into the snmpdump program. You can find it in the libanon subdirectory of snmpdump sources. Note that the anonymization of SNMP traces in snmpdump is only very basic at the moment.